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Camping Fees

Peak Season
10th December 2016 to 26th January 2017
All Victorian Public Holidays, and Public Holiday weekends

Off Peak Season
From 26th January 2017

Off Peak                 Daily           Weekly
Non-Powered                      $27.00                  $122.00
Powered                             $33.00                  $155.00
Premium                            $41.00                  $192.00

Peak Season              Daily           Weekly
Non-Powered                     $35.00                   $186.00
Powered                            $43.00                   $272.00
Premium                           $51.00                   $299.00

Unoccupied Rate
This rate is a weekly rate only available during the ‘Off Peak Season’, but not between 1st May to 1st October.
This rate allows the camper to occupy (stay) on the site for two (2) consecutive nights during each week.
Any additional nights occupancy will incur the standard ‘off peak season’ nightly rate.

Unoccupied Weekend Rate - Weekly
Powered                $  85.00
Premium               $100.00

Remember …
To acquaint yourself with the evacuation procedures when on site—be prepared.
Conditions of Camping are in place to ensure the ongoing safety and enjoyment of all campers, please respect and abide by these conditions, and be respectful of your fellow campers and our environment.
Please supply your email address on your application so we can keep you updated with any news throughout the year.
Applications must be in the name of the current camper—sites are not transferable.
Minimum 2 week bookings for the Peak Season.
You can now also book for your Easter holiday.

We are open for camping all year round
Happy Camping