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Committee of Management

The Minister, or Minister's delegate, appoints committees to manage Crown Land Reserves under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978.  This Act provides the necessary powers and responsibilities of Capel Sound Foreshores Inc. Committee of Management.

Powers under this Act include:
  • manage, improve and maintain the land for purposes for which it is reserved
  • undertake financial transactions and entering into contracts
  • employ people
  • exercise all such powers, functions and authorities and carry out all such duties as are conferred or imposed on it by Regulations
  • maintain records and administer its affairs as a public body
  • report on its finances and other issues as directed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

At Capel Sound Foreshores the Crown land it manages under the Act is public land provided for the enjoyment and benefit of the people who choose to use the Foreshore.

Currently the Committee of Management has 9 members appointed for a 3 year term.  DELWP uses a public expression of interest process where people with particular expertise and interest are invited to register their interest.  DELWP carries out interviews with suitable people and makes the recommendations for appointment.  Capel Sound Foreshores is recognised as a "skills based committee".  There are approximately 1,200 Committees of Management in Victoria and Capel Sound Foreshores is among the top 4% of this number.

Capel Sound Foreshores Committee of Management recommends a Chairperson for consideration by the relevant Minister to obtain approval for the appointment.

The expectation is that a high standard of Governance will be maintained at all times.