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Community Engagement Strategy

Quarterly Update: August 2017


A workshop was held in May with environmentalists and local residents to decide what our environmental priorities should be over the next 2 years and beyond.  Following this workshop the group spent a morning walking the length of the foreshore with environmentalists to get a better understanding of the health of the foreshore and consolidating what our priorities should be.

The result of these activities is a document titled 'Capel Sound Foreshore -  ENVIRONMENTAL PRIORITIES' that is now available under 'Environment' on the Capel Sound Foreshore website. 

Of the priorities, work has commenced on establishing the 2017 Vegetation Quality Baseline, Orchid Protection and Restoration and the Priority Weed Management Program.

We welcome community support in implementing the Environment Strategy either by providing feedback and ideas or helping in its implementation.


As part of the Camping Strategy we are seeking views and comment from stakeholders,  this is in the form of an online survey forwarded to campers. 


To gain wider input from boatshed owners an online survey will be released soon. 

Boat Ramp / Boating

A survey has been sent out to known boat ramp users to allow for public comment.


Leonard Street:

Costings have been completed and we are awaiting final documentation before completing an upgrade of the carpark at Leonard Street. It is anticipated that works will commence as soon as all necessary documentation is finalised. It is anticipated that works will commence in September / October.

Truemans Road:

Land survey and landscaping plans have been obtained and are now available for viewing at the foreshore office for comment.

Solutions to address drainage and beach erosion are still to be obtained prior to the upgrade of existing facilities and provision of further assets.

Plans have been submitted to contractors in order that an estimate of earthworks be obtained.

Community Engagement

The Education Centre at Tootgarook is to be refurbished for use by local schools. Tootgarook Primary and Eastbourne Primary have both designed educational programs that make regular use of the facility. We hope that the success of the programs will lead to continued and extended use of the facility in the future.

Naranga School project is continuing after many years with valuable environmental field works being completed by these students.