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Boat Ramp Conditions

Tootgarook Boat Ramp

The Tootgarook Boat Ramp is operated by the Capel Sound Foreshore Committee of Management Inc. (the Committee) and is open for use between October and the end of April each year.
  1. A ‘seasonal permit allows the permit holder to use the boat ramp throughout this period.
  2. ‘Daily’ permits are available and are valid for use on the day of purchase only.
  3. Capel Sound Foreshores Daily and Seasonal permits are valid for use with the nominated watercraft only.
  4. Seasonal permit holders must display the permit when entering and exiting the boat ramp, and provide the receipt upon request by a Capel sound Foreshore team member, or another fee may be payable.
  5. Seasonal and Daily permits allow the permit holder to use the facility to launch and retrieve their watercraft only, parking availability is not guaranteed.
  6. The permit is valid for use only at the Tootgarook boat ramp.
  7. The permit may not be transferred or assigned to another watercraft or person.
  8. The Committee does not, by issue of a permit or otherwise, represent to the permit holder that :
     a. Access to Port Phillip Bay will always be available; or
     b. The depth of the water adjacent or near the boat launching facility will be sufficient to enable a boat to be launched or to be used safely.
  9. The Committee disclaims any liability to any permit holder for injury, loss or damage incurred by a permit holder while using or purporting to use the boat launching facilities.
  10. The permit holder must, at all times, observe and comply with any directions displayed on a sign or notice erected on or near the boat launching facilities and all directions issued by the Committee or a member of the Capel Sound Foreshore staff.

Location :
The Tootgarook Boat Ramp is located opposite Burdett Street, Tootgarook.